Packaging Design

Brick Brewery

Brick by br… ewery

Brick Brewery has been dominating the sour beer scene in London for years. By commissioning custom designs for each new beer, the brewery ensures that they stand out on the shelves. So far we've designed 31 of them and counting.
Cocktails for two?

The designs and beers were inspired by the mid-century modern era. The beers drew inspiration from the Manhattan and the Martini and so it made sense to use the same style of that era for the can design. Brick Brewery's branding relies heavily on patterns.

A spicy one

For a beer brewed in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we took that Mexican inspiration and applied it to this design. We used patterns often seen on Mexican blankets. With habanero chillies being such a stand out ingredient in the beer we just had to put that on the can.

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