UX/UI for B2C & B2B websites


Shelter: a Cannabis company serving all of Canada; providing wholesale, medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis for select provinces.

Designing a B2B wholesale shopping experience to make comparing and purchasing products a breeze. The design system was ported over from the customer facing site with a few tweaks for the B2B site.

With the addition of different lot numbers (identifiers used to track where and when seeds were planted) for the same product, a lot switcher was designed for both the B2C and B2B sites.

The selling of recreational cannabis came after launching the medicinal version of the B2C site and so there was a need to allow for switching between the two stores (medicinal & recreational), this was implemented in the header.


Creative Director: Jesse Campbell
Development: Cory Gibbons, Marcel Mueller
Designer: Ted Low
Project Manager: Bronwen Coulthard

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